Ahan!….. went clicking around d campus ….. God made flowers to add colour to the monotony of life….

Not just that! flowers r the most beautiful and simplest way to express joy, love, care, and share!
Not just they are pretty but are vibrant, colourful and sensuous…..

Wanna send flowers to someone you care for? Ummm…. search for it…
d last I gifted was from Ferns n Petals – Gosh! so difficult to go to d awesome florists n select from exotic ranges – carnations, exotic roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, etcetera,etcetera,etcetera😉 ….
I might be sounding mean.. but every time I wanna go n select flowers, I wanna

have ’em all for me :(( 😛 it takes a whole lottagirly courage” to smiling part with those awesome beauties… **sigh** :-<

To add a personal touch, do do write in a special note (with your extra coochi-cooing 😉 ;)) and see the magic 😉 It works! Send ’em as surprises too :):) wow! After al life’s beautiful …so make it more na! hmmmmmm 🙂

Find out the “right” kind of flower for the “right” occasion (VERY IMPORTANT), and go ahead….. half the work is done!
Umm…. a very important, but less noted point-> if flowers are not home-delivered, and are hand given to your loved one, DO DO DO take care that s/he can carry ’em back properly and easily (ah of cours you could be chivalrous enough to drop ’em home 😉 but for the “other” occasions :D) – have faced d problem myself so many-a-time 😛 😦 – you wouldn’t want the poor flowers reach home all battered…and the poorer “flower-receiver” all the more in a worse condition 😦 😛

jokes apart – great that they got it online also now :FnP

Anyways, I have even gifted a potted plant /bonsais (pretty difficult to find for gifiting unless you know how to maintain one, and try and gift 2 some one who can take care of that lovely plant 🙂 )

Wish! one could make them last forever! Simple solution-> grow ’em (in d garden/pots 2 impress :)) )


2 thoughts on “Blooms….”

  1. I am so ready to see flowers again after this dreary winter. Thanks for the preview of what is to come.


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