Mai atoot pyaas tu jheel hai – I am the seeker, Thou the ocean

Oh! I just came across these beautiful lines today at a divine Satsang and could not help but putting them across 🙂

Something very close to my heart ❤ 🙂
Na sabut hai na daleel hai, mere sath mera rabbe-jaleel hai.
Teri rehmaton mein koi kami nahi, meri ehtiyat mai dheel hai.
Kaun juda kar sake hame, mai atoot pyas tu jheel hai”

which roughly translates to ….(on request – any better suggestions are welcome 🙂

“There is no evidence, nor is there any debate, God is for sure with me,
There is no dearth in His generosity, its me who’s the careless..
There is no force which can separate us, I am the Seeker, Thou The Ocean “

Om Namah bhagwate vasudevayah