Karma – Don’t take offense on Insults

When people insult you, don’t take offense, don’t take it personally, but do listen to their words. They are telling you how they see the world, and they are telling you the exact negative qualities that they possess.
“The Law of Mirrors” states that one can only see what’s in them, regardless if it is what is actually present in reality or not.
Release the need to defend or try to explain to them that you’re not being whatever-nasty-insult-they’ve-thrown-at-you, but evaluate instead all of these insults, and realize that this is who they are.
Then, decide if a person with those qualities is one who you’d like in your life or not.
  ~Doe Zantamata
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Trust your intution

“We suffer when we go against what we know is best for us. We allow our mind to overrule our gut intuition. We know the person we are in relationship with is not the one for us but we overrule our instincts in favor of the fantasy we want to be real. We know the job is not the right one but we allow fear to stop us from moving on. 

Life begins to flow when we stop, stopping ourselves from taking the actions we know we must. We take a leap of faith that the voice of our intuition is smarter than the rationalizations we create to justify not moving. The instinctive messages we get are meant to make life easier and more rewarding. We know they are best for us because they make sense and feel right.