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Getting paid for reading the campaigns?

Ah! well introduced inadvertently by a friend to this gingerly startup’s efforts :D, I now keep getting some-good, some-vain campaigns to read on mah mobile….sometimes about getting rented movies (now which one was dat.. guess it was seventymm something), then bout getting 50% off on some designer jewellery, low-rate flying, and medical insurance….etc etc….

oh ok… well going back to something I was reading about Chaitanya’s baby mGinger, a garage startup, introduced solicited mobile advertising services in India based on social networking. In a short span of time the company has near 1 million users whom it pays for reading the campaigns. The services are being offered across the country over all major cellular operators.

Well, permission based advertising is in-vogue.. eh!

Well! its the idea that matters…. and the idea that clicks with the masses that sells…. 🙂

Well, if nothing else, working with startups connects me with one more 🙂 – with the entire burden on your tender shoulders, the risks, the zeal, hmmm… nostalgic… 🙂