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Food for thought

Well, in anjaan surroundings…… and early at 5 am in the morning sitting and working ….
the sand”wiches” looked like “witches” staring @ me 😦

So, thot of giving a dash of colour and bring ’em to life…..
They look cute 😛 can’t eat ’em now 😛

Ek sher arz hai…..[shero shayari fanatics ..kindly excuse me 😛 m not quite good at all this :D]

ji han….
mai aur mera lappy [laptop]
ek dusre ki tanhaiyi me…..
soch rahe the….
ki kash yahan tamatar hota…
ki kash yahan gajar hoti…
to mai usko pyar se kat ti
aur in murjhayi hui bread ke slices ke bich me fit karke
kisi tarah inko kahke apna hungry stomach fill karti….
mai aur mera lappy [laptop]
ek dusre ki tanhaiyi me…..
soch rahe the….

ye sab cchoro…. sauce ka pack uthaya and laga di aj to mehndi sandwich ko… waaah! kya roop nikhra hai 😉

Now this is called “Art of food” 😉
hmmm… n how about some “art of cooking” 😉
n oh dis is a fabulous ad: wanna dance?i cant 🙂


world’s happiest friends

The world’s happiest friends never have the same characters… they just have the best understanding of their differences.

People work towards what they want in life.They have to!
So simple-a-statement… but extremely true and powerful!

Never hate the times in life where you have fallen or failed.

Though hard to accept, these are the times wherein we stand up and show the world that failures dont define us.
But it is what makes us stronger.

Its in the times of sadness, and trouble, that you know who is your real, true friend…..
Am feeling blue…. want you to get well soon mom !