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Gurutwakarshan-Guru is the guiding light

In Sanskrit, the word for gravity is Gurutwakarshan. The earth holds us towards itself by the force of gravity. Without this attraction or love, we would have no base or foundation. Similarly, Gurutva is the basis of our life. The Guru is the guiding light – removing the darkness of ignorance.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


When this body gets filled with praise, the Divine dawns

When this body gets filled with praise, the Divine dawns

Even if you see one beautiful quality, decorate it, exaggerate it, make it big, “So and so is great, excellent, marvelous.” If you see a negative quality, analyze with your head, reason it out, “Why are they acting this way? Maybe, they are stressed…” The analysis of negativity brings compassion in you and exaggeration of good brings waves of beauty.
Whether this person is beautiful or not, it makes YOU more beautiful.
Those who exaggerate positive qualities, their bodies get filled with them.
When this body gets filled with praise, the Divine dawns.

Making this world a better place

“Let every man promise the departed soul that such heinous crimes will never be allowed to be repeated. Let her death remain fresh & alive in the minds of men in this country so that they don’t get blinded by lust. It is high time to stop the blame game for it kills the spirit. Some say we should shut temples, some say cinemas,others say we need stricter laws. I say nothing will work without reviving human values. Let’s resolve to make the world a better place for men, women & children” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Unwrap the present of Life – Merry Christmas!

This holiday season unwrap the present of Life – 
the Wise knows how to enjoy the gift inside, 
while the ignorant get stuck to the wrapper!

– Sri Sri

Merry Christmas!!

Unconditionally creation loves you, supports you and holds you 
in its arms because it is all innocence. 
This entire creation is innocence. When you realize this, 
when you become innocent, you can be one with this kingdom. 
– Sri Sri

Compassion is forgiving someone without them knowing it

Buddha was in an assembly and then a gentleman came and he was very furious. He thought Buddha was doing something wrong. He was pulling people away and people were all meditating now and they were very calm and quiet. He was a restless businessman and he found his children going and sitting with Buddha and meditating, two hours every day. He thought that if his children would engage themselves in business at that time, they could make more money and they would be better off. Two hours of going and spending with somebody with your eyes closed! What will anyone get? So he was very upset and said, “I am going to teach a lesson to this man”.

So, with furiousness, he came and looked at Buddha. He  walked straight to Buddha. You see, he was a well-known businessman of that locality. As soon as he came near Buddha, all his other thoughts disappeared but anger was still there. He was shaking. He could not speak. Now words wouldn’t come out of his mouth, but he spat on Buddha’s face. Buddha simply smiled. All his disciples around there were so angry but they could not react in front of Buddha. So, everybody held their lips and fists tight. They wanted to ask him, “How dare you do this?”, but could not say anything. This man could not stay any longer. After he spat, hethought that if he stayed a few minutes longer, he would burst out. So he ran away.
Buddha did not react or say anything. He just smiled. For the first time in his life, that man met somebody who would just smile when he spat on his face. The man could not sleep that night and his whole body underwent such a transformation. He was shivering as if there’s an earthquake. His whole world became upside down. The next day, he went and fell at Buddha’s feet and said, “Please forgive me. I did not know what I did”. Buddha said, “I cannot excuse you”!

Now, the disciples were shocked. Then Buddha had to explain again what he meant because everybody was in a state of shock. He said, “Why? When you did not do anything, why should I excuse you? What did you do? What wrong did you do?” He said, “No, I spat on your face yesterday. I am that same person”. Buddha said, “Oh! That person is not there now. If I ever meet that person whom you spat on, I will tell him to excuse you. To this person who is here, you have done no wrong”. That is compassion.

Compassion is not saying, “Oh! Make somebody a culprit and then I will forgive them”. That is not compassion. Your forgiveness should be such that the person who is forgiven does not even know that you are forgiving them. They should not even feel guilty about their mistake. This is the right type of forgiveness. 

If you make someone feel guilty about their mistake, then you have not forgiven them. That guilt itself is the punishment, that itself is good enough. Guilt is good enough to eat you, swallow you. Knowledge takes you away from the guilt and puts you on a pedestal where you do not see the world at all. You do not see the world in the sense that you do not see all this complicated chit-chat of this small world. They all appear insignificant.

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Gayatri Mantra – May the light keep glowing

Wishing all a very happy and prosperous festival of lights…
Gayatri Mantra – May the light keep glowing 🙂

प्रेम की मधुर मिठाई बांटो
राग द्वेष के पटाखे फोड़ो
ज्ञान के दिए जलाओ
नूतन पुरातन की अनमोल घड़ी है
एक नयी क्रांति की प्रतीक्षा में धरती खड़ी है
सब मिल के दीवाली मनाओ
जीवन को उत्सव बनाओ … Srisri

Diwali means the festival of lights. Each one of you is a light to yourself. Today is the day that you also look at all the wealth you have and feel abundance. Otherwise the mind is always in the space of lack. From lack, move to
abundance. You bring all your wealth in front of you and say, ‘God has given me all this. 
am so thankful!’ Gold, silver is all just an outer symbol. The real wealth is deep within us.
There is so much love, peace and joy. Wisdom is the real wealth. Your character, your
confidence are the real wealth. When you move with a connection to the Divinity, there is nothing that is richer than this. Sri Sri

Infinity is born out of yoga and meditation

Param Pujya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explaining the esoteric meaning of Krishna Janmashtami. 

The most authentic way of celebrating Janmashtami is knowing that you have to play a dual role – of being a responsible human being and at the same time to realize that you are above all events, the untouched Brahman. Imbibing a bit of avadhoot and a bit of activism in your life is the real significance of celebrating Janmashtami. Awaken the Krishna in your consciousness – “Krishna is not separate from me, he is within me’, this feeling will fill your life with Krishna.वास्तविक रूप में जन्माष्टमी मनाने का अर्थ है यह जानना कि तुम्हें जीवन में दोहरी भूमिका निभानी है – एक उत्तरदायी व्यक्ति होने कि और साथ ही सभी परिस्थितियों से परे अक्षत ब्रह्म में स्थापित होने की| जीवन में थोड़ा अंश अवधूत का और थोड़ा अंश सक्रियता का रखना ही जन्माष्टमी का वास्तविक अभिप्राय है| कृष्ण को अपनी चेतना में जगाओ – “कृष्ण मुझसे पृथक नहीं हैं, वह मुझमें हैं|”, ऐसी भावना तुम्हारा जीवन कृष्ण से भर देगी| 

Other submitted details:

Krishna (the embodiment of bliss, infinity and love) was born of the union of Devaki (the body) and Vasudeva (the prana/mind). However, they were imprisoned by the brother of Devaki (the body) called Kamsa (the ego). The guards kept them imprisoned (the senses that keep us engaged, keep our awareness outside, not allowing us to experience the infinity within us).
When Krishna was born, the guards went asleep (senses turned inwards). However, Devaki (the body) could not sustain Krishna (the bliss), he had to be taken to Yashoda (the love, devotion). Otherwise Kamsa (the ego) might kill Krishna (once the ego arises, it perverts the pure bliss or love).
So in order to protect that Bliss or Infinity, the prana (Vasudeva) takes it across the river of love/devotion (Yamuna).
Infinity is born out of yoga and meditation (the union of body and prana/mind), but yoga alone cannot sustain it – what is needed to nourish it, to allow it to mature and blossom, is devotion (bhakti) and love.

I wish all a beautiful Krishna Janmashtami.. that Krishna may be born in your life, and fill your life with Love, Infinity and Bliss!

Blame and criticism – Don’t blame me because it might hurt you

 How does it feel when someone blames you? Usually, when someone blames you, you feel heavy, hurt or you become unhappy. You get hurt because you resist the blame. Outside you may not resist, but inside when you resist it hurts you. When someone blames you, you usually blame them back or put up a resistance inside yourself. 

    A blame takes away some negative karma from you. If you understand this and don’t put up a resistance and feel happy about it, then your karma goes away. Outside you may resist, but inside if you don’t resist, and feel happy, “Oh, good, somebody is there to blame me and take some negative karma,” you will feel immediately lighter. The way to deal with blame is through patience and faith. Faith that truth will always triumph and things will get better. 
    Whatever work you do, there will be someone to find fault. Keep working without losing your enthusiasm and spirit. A wise man by his very nature will keep doing good work. His attitude does not depend on someone’s praise or blame. To uplift your spirit and save your mind from blaming, you need to judge your company. Your company can pull you up or down. The company that drags you towards doubt, blame, complaints, anger, and desires is bad company. 
The company that pulls you up towards joy, enthusiasm, service, love, trust and is good.
An ignorant person says, “Don’t blame me because it hurts me.” An enlightened one says “Don’t blame me because it might hurt you.” This is a beautiful point. Someone warns you not to blame them because it will hurt them and they will do s o m e t h i n g harmful to you out of revenge. On the other hand, an e n l i g h t e n e d one asks not to blame because of compassion. Demand and blame destroy relationships. So, you should know how to praise others and uplift a situation instead of blaming or finding fault. Uplifting the other should be your commitment. Then you are the right person for anybody. Everybody will love you when you don’t hurt them intentionally. 

    You are not here to blame or criticise. Criticism can come from two kinds of people. When they are narrow-minded, then they criticise out of their ignorance. Or they really want to bring something good in you. If their criticism is coming from a space of improving you, thank them for their compassion. You can improve since their criticism makes you realise your mistake. If it is coming from a space of putting you down, be compassionate and just laugh at them. In either case, you do not have to worry about criticism. 

    Nindak neare rakiya angan kuti shava,bin pani sabun bina nirmal kare suhay. The great Indian Saint Kabirdas has said that keep someone who criticises you close by, that will keep your house, your mind clean — without the need of soap and water. If everybody around keeps praising you, they may not show you your shortcomings. The people who criticise are authentic since they are pouring out their heart. You need to be able to give and take constructive criticism. An educated person will neither shy away from criticism nor will he shun the critique. The measure of your maturity depends on how you handle criticism. Ability to take criticism is a measure of one’s inner strength. 

Love is the greatest strength

In love, even objects are elevated to life.

 Stones and trees speak to you; the Sun, the Moon, the entire creation becomes alive. 

When there is no love, even people become objects.

“If you are not free, you cannot love – freedom is the first thing. 
So, when you become free, you are able to love unconditionally. 
When you can love unconditionally, you will be skillful in your dealings.”: 
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Being in utter love,yet undisturbed;caring yet not worried;persistent yet not perturbed; are the obvious signs of the Self shining.” SriSri

Open your hearts to love…

Qualities of Leader – 5th International Women’s Conference 2012

Qualities of Leader as described by Guruji shared at 5th International Women’s Conference 2012

1) One who sets example for others
2) One who does good things to others
3) One who creates leaders and not followers
4) One who does not depend on authority
5) One who does not worry about position
6) One who becomes alert when challenges come
7) One who does not care to only be in her comfort zone
8) One who never judges herself
9) One who is multidimensional – never defends on one side of information
10) One who is good communicator
11) One who has direct approach

Be as a Bee!

“Events come and go, they perish like flowers. 
But every event and every person contains some honey. 
Like a bee, just take the honey out of every event and every moment and move on.
 Be like a busy bee and be in the being.”


“Life teaches you the art of letting go in every event. 
When you have learnt to let go, 
you will be joyful and as you start being joyful, 
more will be given to you.”

Sri Sri

life’s like that….

One would get subtle hints from circumstances, nature etc ki kya sahi hai…
Nature guides us!
One gets certain notifications and subtle hints from Nature indicating about what should happen next…
Our guiding force…
I sometimes see every event as symbolic…

Teaching us something and giving the answers we have been seeking…

Every moment is making you grow

‎”Upanishad says when we start on the path, let there be no rejection. Acceptance is the path. Let there be no rejection at all, of any sort, because everything, every moment in life, pleasant and unpleasant, good and bad is making you grow. Let all this righteousness, this knowledge and this wisdom that is contained in the Upanishads and that is present in my soul, my being, blossom.” 
Sri Sri in Kena Upanishad

Padma Sadhana – its importance


I’ve been with yoga – off and on :D:D for various reasons… sometimes for health benefits, sometimes for tranquility.
Yoga means a beautiful “Yog” or “union” of mind, body and soul.
There are various padvatis or forms or paddhatis of yoga giving various benefits and experiences (Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga etc), and would like to highlight the importance of Padmasadhna here.

Padma Sadhana is a sequence of yoga asanas specially designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the DSN (Divya Samaj Nirman) Course. Padma means lotus and Sadhana means effort.

In the Agama tradition, it is said that the Devi (Goddess) sits on a 5 layered seat or asana. The base of this seat is a tortoise, which represents stability. The second layer is the snake, which represents awareness. Above the snake sits the lion, it symbolizes grace. Above the lion sits the Siddha, The Perfect Sage. And above the perfect sage sits the lotus, the symbol of full blossoming.
When our asanas have all these 5 qualities – Stability, Awareness, Grace, Perfection and Full blossoming, then the divinity dawns in us and that is Padma Sadhana.

Padma Sadhana refers to the blossoming of the mind, body and soul through the practice of these asanas. It releases many optimum hormones in the blood stream and induces tranquility and harmony, improving one’s alertness, dynamism, courage and commitment.

Doing Padmasadhana before Sudarshan Kriya deepens our experience and takes us deeper in meditation. It helps in centering our mind and consciousness.

Make Padmasadhana a daily part of your morning and evening practice.

Bhakti~ sochu tujhe to hai subaah sochu tujhe toh shaam hai

Ultimate devotion~ Bhakti ❤
Lord Krishna and Meera

‎”Life always flows in search of joy and the highest joy is in the Divine.
 We must always aim to attain the Divine. If you aim for the highest, your smaller desires will come to you (be fulfilled) anyway. 

If there is thirst you will get water. If there is no thirst, one would not bother about water. Similarly, there should be a thirst within us to attain the Divine, to know the highest truth, to know what life is, to know who we are.” Sri Sri.

~~~ kya hum hain kya rab hai jahan tu hai wahin sab hai  ~~~

♥ ~* ~ sochu tujhe to hai subaah sochu tujhe toh shaam hai…

haan manjilon pe ab toh meri ek hi tera naam hai…

teri aag meri jalti koyle se Mira banake…

khwaabo se aagey chal ke hai tujhe bataana…

tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana… mera ishq sufiyana… :):) ~* ~ ♥

Sri Sri’s 7 Mantras for 2012

Wishing all dearones a very happy and blessed new year!

Sri Sri’s 7 Mantras for 2012 🙂

“1) Reflect on your life in relation to the Cosmos. This will drop the smallness in u & u will b able to live fully.” 

2) “Remind yourself of the highest goal in Life. You are not here to grumble/complain. You r here for something bigger.”

3) “Serve! Engage yourself in community service to whatever extent you can.” 

4) “Have faith & trust that the Divine loves you dearly & is taking care of you.”

5) “As we flip the calendar,we need to flip our mind too. Don’t fill future dates with past events. Learn & move on.” 

6) “Smile more! True sign of prosperity is an unconditional smile on your face.” 

7) “Nurture yourself with music,prayer & silence. Meditation, pranayam & yoga rejuvenate; give depth & stability.”

The Language of love knows no conflict

There is major difference between intention and desire.
Most of our actions happen through intention. 

Desire is the feverishness; an intention with feverishness great hurry to achieve is desire. 

A desire devoid of feverishness with calmness is intention.
Letting go of the feverishness brings into the centeredness. Feel one with the divinity. 

I am part of you I am you, you are me. This is the slogan of love. 

The nature of Love is feeling oneness. Do you feel the same way with this existence with this divinity? Do you feel the part of this globe, part of the air, part of this ocean? Do you feel you have merged with this existence that is divine Love? 

Love is not an emotion it is our very existence.

The Language of love knows no conflict. If there is conflict just ignore it, be indifferent to it (Udaseenta). 
Indifference takes you beyond the opposite of love and hate:)
– Excerpts from Narada Bhakti Sutra