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meri zindagi ke kucch rang…..

hectic hectic.. week…. phew! so damn tired….. ah! but d smile on the faces of the lovely li’l dahlings…. made me forget d tiredness….. as i stepped out of the car, all weary and tired.. I anticipated some curious eyes staring at me…..

Fiddling with my bag for the colours [gulaal] I had kept, and the ghujiya, I was still looking into the red coloured jhola bag which mom got for me 😀 n i readily accepted dat as it was quite different from d dainty purses I have been carrying, and esp coz it reminded moi of the good old college days….ah! purani jeans aur guitar 🙂 hmmm…. so…. well! i was distracted by the “beats” of a v fav song playing somewhere… 😀 n a group of kiddos jumping around all oblivious.. trying to copy shahid n kareena 😉 lolz…. i was fascinated….. stood watching them…. felt my feet tapping even at d “noisy” broken “music” and “beats” from d broken radio 😛

I guess d cheer of the voices + d lovely laughter and smiles on the faces of the kids was much more musical and “beat-sical” 😀

I dunno… just joined the gang…. to match a step or two 😛 did a jive.. right there in d centre of the road… wid d kidlings squealing wid laughter 🙂

In d midst of all this, some child pulled at mah bag [d jhola :D] and i remembered d gulal n d ghujiya… ah! all taken out – used to the fullest… n

relished:) d “didi didi” + “happy holi apko bhi” +d cute hugs and kisses fro d li’l dahlings brought tears to mah eyes….

wid misty eyes…, I hugged ’em for their unconditional love……thanked dem…. esp when they said “didi fil she zalul ana ” [dats-> loving sister, plz do come back again], I forgot the intense tension I was in d conference room a while ago…. Happy Holi dahlings….. love ya:) Keep smiling… and God Bless!

I took their leave as the next song “”holi ke din dilmil jaate hain….. ” from sholay starting to play……