Akshardham Temple


This is a repost from my last year’s post about the visit to this AWESOME temple which has found its place in Guiness book
and for being the largest Hindu Temple in the world.

Ok… so read on….. (since its a repost, kindly read it as if written on d day of the visit, on which it was actually written :))

One Word – AWESOME!

Date of visit: Jan 1, 2006
Location:Delhi – Noida border

[AWESOME! The pics here are from the net as they did not allow cams n mobs inside. I’d upload a pic or two wid me too]

Ok! so it was decided all of a sudden…..
Its new year….and we decided [like always]….. that we’d go out on the foggy morning…. mom kept it a surprise… I was a bit upset….thinking ….that it should not be one of the old places…

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