Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas:)
The Holy eve and day to pray, confess, forgive, unite and stay blessed…..

Okies that Sacred Heart Cathedral (the grand church at mah school)

and thats a snap (borrowed) from inside the awesome catheral 🙂


Merry Christmas

I believe in every single word – what’s written in this lovely pic…
its difficult… I know… but yeps…. dats d beauty of Life! Cherish it!
Life is God’s gift to us… what we make of it is our gift to God 🙂

Last year’s posting 🙂
Oh! How I miss mah school :((
The lovely Sacred Heart Cathedral and Mother Mary’s Statuette …. we all used to decorate and pack gifts for poor children, sing carols, light candles, make cndles, and d guitar 🙂 wow!

Aw!!!!! d horses…. such elegant animals 🙂 n here goes d Cinderella ride…. 🙂

Here’s my heartfelt prayer…..
God Bless .. May all of us have peace and love! and
May each of us feel the love of God enfolding us! and
May each of us feel surrounded by God’s awesome light….. 🙂
May there be true love… genuine happiness and the sparkle of contentment in our eyes……
Feel God’s presence! He’s there!
Merry Christmas!