To start with -am smile-icious,chill-acious, livli-cious!
Ah! not 2 forget: electricity,eccentricity and magnetism personified!Wear ur static charge covers wen u interact wid me:D
Besides, I am into S/W programming,[RnD] and innovation[yes u read right]

Imagineering,Technology,Research(Technical /business),Book writing,Space adventures,Science(esp Electricity n Magnetism, n Quantum Physics), illustrating,innovation,Entrepreneurism,
well being n spirituality, dancing,comic book writing, music,event mgmt
Am i geek ;)-dunno my friends do say that:)
Creativity turns me on!
Am very much interested in a whole concept of emotions and computers-and really like working with emotional comp-pals:)-d emoticons:D-what say?
I cherish the comments you leave in there and your  loadsa emails :)Thanks 🙂

Fav Movies:

lots… but am using dis space for some nice links:)


Soft Rock,Trance,Punjabi nbrs,spiritual – umm anything as per the mood:)
n listen 2 dis 😀


m an avid reader:)

Stephen Covey’s,Mysteries, Classics,Faith and Theology related,FountainHead,
I loved The Da Vinci Code 🙂
Deception Point,Digital Fortress,Alchemist,The Monk who sold his Ferrari-dint complete,G Roberts,5 point smone-hehe chetan bhagat’s style is simplu simplu.Loved physics as a subject n esp Quantum physics n Electr and Magnetism [actually all of it:)]
wanna read “Gone wid d Wind…”,Atlas Shrugged,An Equal Music(all recommended ones :)) Oh and ofcourse panchtantra n ever wonderful Ramayana/The Gita:)..hmmm m an avid reader:)
There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to
read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read’ – G.K. Chesterton
Ever wonderful – The Ramayana Series:)


One thought on “Sari-ki-jankari…..”

  1. I’ll be writing in more here now… on request…. had literally been split across various domains…. Keep smiling 🙂


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