nurture with nature

Holidays are welcome… but the deliberate holidays – like when one is not well, or is on medical rest are d’oh 😦

Anyways… its good I caught up with some Golf 🙂
ahan! the patterson lady (I hope I remember the lady’s name correctly :P) won the Irish championship:)

And listening to al kinda songs….. almost al ending up on the cute Lemon Tree… 😛
ummm…. well,,, I wanna go on a safariiiii….. n catch up with li’l birdies there
How can one keep a nature animal in the room 😀

Inimitable wildlife experience….

Rafting,Trekking,Jungle Safari,Bird Watching,Nature Walk,Fishing …wow!
Corbett hideaway

oh! n fear factor 🙂 am envious of the gals doing stunts there with Akshay Kumar…..[ah! well, I have just completed a stunt-similar recently :D]
I wonder if they call only television/cinema celebrities for the show :P:D


~~literally comfortably dumb…. esp coz mom’s not well 😦 ~~


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