Meditation and Detachment

When we sit to meditate, the mind runs here and there and it becomes difficult to concentrate.

The first principle of meditation is to tell yourself that you are “NOT” trying to do anything, you are not “trying” to concentrate; you are just trying to “Be” yourself.

You may have noticed that when someone says something to you, which probably you do not like, your emotions change – you may become upset, or angry, or even insulted.
This happens because you value other people’s opinions more than you value your own.
Others thoughts and opinions affect your happiness and state-of-mind.

If you stay detached, you will not be disturbed. Not just that, you may benefit from what they say.
I wonder if you have ever thought how much time you wasted on thinking what others think about you. So much of the anger is only due to “lack of detachment”.

Regular practice of meditation helps one to become detached and cultivate a habit of staying calm and emotionally detached, not just during the meditation period, but throughout day.
Once you practice any kind of meditation, you’ll experience detachment and you will find that you feel and behave in a different way under circumstances that previously invoked anger or agitation. You will find that you can handle your daily affairs of life in a calm and relaxed way.

Real detachment means inner strength, and the ability to function calmly and with full inner control under all circumstances.

A detached person is not anxious, harassed and hurried, and can do everything with concentration and attention, thus insuring a successful outcome of his actions.


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