Happy Teacher’s Day

Shikshak diwas ki shubhkamnaein:)

The lovely people who shaped our destinies… Who took the pain to make sure that we took the left path. My greetings, warm wishes & respect to all the teachers.. the founders of the nation
we are what we are bcoz of you!

Class ke baahar murga ban na, homework nahi karke laane par scolding

(kabhi na kabhi ham sabki life me ye hua hai 😀 )

but wo bachpan ki daant, and fatkaar (scoldings and punishment ) se hi ham hain jo aj hain …..

n I lovvvve you mom 🙂

Guroor Brahmaa, Guroor Vishnoo, Guroor Devo Maheshwara!
Guru Saakhshaat Par Brahmaa, Tasmahee Shree Gurudev Namah!
Guru Gobind Dono Khare, Kaake Laagoon Paon
Balhaaree Main Guru Ke, Jin Govind Diyo Bataai!


One thought on “Happy Teacher’s Day”

  1. That is such a cute note you blogged.
    God Bless you child!
    Gold medallists & toppers are not amongst the ones who got punishments!
    Best student!


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