Celebrate being a woman!



the mother
the wife
the friend
the sister

besides these….
all the lovely relations she follows to make you what you are…
and to make herself what she is….
all in all… to complete each other…..

You are inspiration….
You are lovely….

You are helpful…..
You are caring….
You are Sharing…..
and you are loving……

Whatever you are ……. you are yourself…. O! lovely woman …..
Make yourself feel special 🙂


4 thoughts on “Celebrate being a woman!”

  1. hey ani!
    Just ben meandering through the course of life… sometimes hectic, sometimes lenient!
    I’ll try my best to increase the frequency!
    thanks for your response!


  2. Great post on entering your birthday month gal!
    You are awesome! Simply simply awesome, and versatile and WISE!

    Hugs and muaah!
    — aku


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