Here’s a cutie baby angel:

All d lovely poems are already there 🙂 just lotta luv n hugs n kisses n blessings 4 u ababy 🙂

God's angels

My friend’s baby 🙂 manan

n here’s what nonu says:

Mom, I dreamed of you last night…
You stretched out your arms and hugged me tight.
And just for moment there it seemed
That your touch was real, not just a dream.
I had talked to God just hours before
And told Him “Lord, there is nothing more
That could satisfy or comfort me
Than for my Mother’s face to see”.


2 thoughts on “manan”

  1. Wow..Thanks a lot Sarika Massi..:)..Poem is very beautiful..just like you..Lots of love to you 🙂


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