4 thoughts on “Why God Sings”

  1. yeah… iv seen them as screensavers, flash files…. n its so v imp to kinda keep seeing them again n again…… spirituality.. n divinity.. d very core of our existence….
    thank you so much 🙂 I cherish your comments…
    May God Bless you:)


  2. Yes, even I’ve seen a slide show version of the Interview With God – and it’s probably even more touching in the You Tube format.

    The first one Why God Sings is super too.

    One needs these spiritual reminders often in life …. thank you Sari, so much for putting them here at a time when I really needed them [:)]

    The last, somehow, doesn’t seem to work … says the video is no longer available.

    Take care, and thanks once again …. I must keep visiting this blog often.


  3. Really nice….its all so simple – God always has a special feeling for each one of us individually (after all He’s made us) – but its just that we kinda 4get that & keep running round in circles.
    He always waits for us – no matter what & welcomes us with open arms whenever we remember Him.

    This reminds me that clipping I read a while back.
    God: Hope you had time to see the wonderful sunset I created for you this evening…if you didn’t doesn’t matter, I’ll create one for you tomorrow again.


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