Life n d power of affection

Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans…..
I saw this graphic, and in the first glimpse, it seemed a junkie outta d dustbin, but when I looked at it for sometime, I saw the beauty in its crumpled untidiness….. and realised that its its imperfection that gives it this “beauty”, and its “uniqueness”…..

Imagine a blank sheet of paper with the same letters “LIFE” written over it(u may actually do it practically) and compare this pic with it…m damn sure you’d like d crumpled one more!

N now some geeku inputs, ummm…. life is not the “digital” ‘0’ or ‘1’, i.e. “good” or “bad”, the two loner states hanging out there…all alone!
rather its like a beautiful sine/cos curve(as a matter of fact, any curve) with infinitesimal moments of the “actual life” happening between the start and the end….

To enjoy life fully, we must enjoy these “seemingly tiny” moments, rather than wait for a particular time in infinity to arrive, and then…and then…and then!

I feel perfection is boring, and imperfection is interesting since once we are perfect, we can improve no more, although I truly believe in constantly working towards achieving perfection(with its threshold moving up, as and when I near the point)…..

An example would be to bring a rose for your loved one….. not just on the oh-so predictable special days, but pouring in the affection at special moments.. esp when you think (now that’s up to you how you gauge when these are needed!) and making the one feel special 🙂

The sheer joy of having thought of something like this would not just fill you with joy, but also be felt by your loved ones.

People spend their lives in “waiting for the right time”, and end up realising all the time just flew by…..
So, give, before its too late! Give NOW! You won’t think twice if you truly love someone- ain’t it!

Life is beautiful!

I love this pic:) It sums it all!


6 thoughts on “Life n d power of affection”

  1. Hi sarika………….i turely agreed wid watever u write above.
    Life is really beautiful… dont wait for the right,just start enjoying life wid every special moment u get,but always remember ur priorities in life,that's d the most important.
    So always Njoy Life.


  2. A Roy said…
    “Wonderful!Wonderful! The way you are! I am mesmerised by your lovely thinkin..”
    Hey Thanks Mr/Ms Roy! I sincerely hope u r the “actual” booker prize winner coming n posting here:)
    do send in ur email address so dat I can personally drop in a note of thank you to u for ur generosity at this time! no pun-intended…thanks a ton-sincerely – for appreciating:)


  3. Wonderful!Wonderful! The way you are! I am mesmerised by your lovely thinking, your genuineness every single time I read your thoughts.
    I am a voracious reader, and I have not found such simple, beautiful and varied congeniality in anyone! Way to go! I think you should start writing formally.
    I want to be proud of having appreciated a Booker prize winner in the making:)


  4. thanks 🙂 umm i like d way u spell ur name 😀
    do tell me more about ya 🙂
    u can email me…. n lemme know if u r on orkut/FB too!
    Keep Smiling!


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