Waiting for sunrise!

Waiting for sunrise!

There is no stillness like waiting, and

there is no bigger a test of love than waiting!

Waiting for the mahatma…. Have you read it by any chance?

Awesome! Express Yourself

Airtel – value of human expressions – simply simply outstanding!
Nigaahe nigaho se mila kar to dekho,
Dil i baat zubaan par la kar to dekho…..suppabh!

Communicate, Express Yourself!

Before Its too late!


3 thoughts on “Waiting for sunrise!”

  1. You have a wonderful imagination and creative power! Must have been told by one and all… and you seem so humble! One of the most wonderful blogs I visited! Keep it up!


  2. Thank you for the appreciation 🙂
    Its basically not time wasted.. its more of energy wasted.. which could have been used for so much more creative and fruitful things. And I totally, totally agree about what you said – someone we love truly, truly.. deeply…


  3. Hi Sari … lovely pics, each so eloquent, saying so much even in their quietness. And of course the Airtel commercial is, as you’ve said, ‘supabh’.

    Somehow I also saw what you wrote in Sepember about not communicating … not expressing oneself … and the resultant wastage of time. And it struck a chord – I’ve been there! I thought I had moved on, but it again brought out the pain, the way you described the silence and the suffering by oneself, about the time wasted … but it probably could not be helped. Despite all that happened, I couldn’t possibly have just walked away from someone I had loved so much for so many years … maybe that period of silent suffering had to be gone through.

    You know, it is only someone you care about a lot, someone in whom you have ‘invested’ time, love, energy, money, someone really close to the heart, someone who you can never imagine would hurt you, it is only that person who can really hurt you in such a manner. Never a dacoit or thief, never an adversary, never an aquaintance, not even a casual friend. It is only when you are hit from a most unexpected quarter, that you can be hurt so bad that you just go into that sort of a silence, and you suffer….


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