Meow! Growl!

Oh My Gawd!
Just heard bout the tax on keepin pets!

10 thoughts on “Meow! Growl!”

  1. meaaaawwww…. no… whom I gonna play with… that what this kitten is thinking & is so shocked… Some One should tell Chidemberam to refrain himself from shocking even animals 😉 ~p


  2. oh! i dint know bout it 😛 thx 4 dat info 🙂
    thats fine na … but adopting more of ’em pe nahi hona chahiye :((


  3. BTW Sari, there always has been a tax …. one gets a small token (for attaching to the collar) after paying Rs 50.00 or so at the MCD office.


  4. MeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaW!!! Do guyes better do not keep guessing what I thinkkkkk!!! I am after all from a Big cat family !!!!


  5. hehe 😀 rofl… yes yes.. dat needs to be done.. do u know anyone 😉 who deal in cattie affairs 😀
    n i really wanna give those dumboz a similar / worse shock;)


  6. why r you shocked Cattie! your owner would engage a CA or tax lawyer soon or would pay some bribe to MCD officers..:P..dont worry at all:D


  7. hehe:D
    i was surprised n shocked when I heard about the TAX on keeping more than 1 animal as pets !
    MEAOW….. where’s d kool kat army 😉


  8. Cool cat…seems to be saying
    “Who do you think I am – Garfield? Well you’re not way of….just dont mess with me”


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