Jan 23 – 2008 – pic1

Ah! Now that’s what I call confidence 😉 lolz 😉
Your comments puhleez 😀

11 thoughts on “Jan 23 – 2008 – pic1”

  1. Nons, attitude and aura …. sure, it’s visible all over the handsome dogs.

    Around the cat, one can only see the largish puddle on the floor 🙂


  2. GSV said…
    The original Ramp Show and The CatWalk!

    Sari-> hehe.. lolz.. even I was thinking da same 😀


  3. to Nonssens’s:
    “but this aura around you” yo! bebhy.. dats very true.. its d aura one carries around oneself 🙂


  4. Hmmm – its definitely abt confidence and self belief. And more so abt ATTITUDE. The attitude you carry becomes like an aura around you. So what ppl see is not only you, but this aura around you.

    What say you?


  5. Cool – super stuff….hmmm confidence is super and the self belief just awesome. Its all about ATTITUDE honey…..somehow the attitude your carry becomes like an aura around you. So ppl see not just you, but this aura around you too……


  6. Landed up here uninvited …. thought it was blog for male-bashing. Glad it isn’t exactly that 🙂

    To comment on the pic, can’t help but quote “Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea” …..


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