The mind clings to what it knows…..

The mind clings to what it knows,
and it clings to what it doesn’t know
oh, the mind,
feckless and reckless
unobservant of its own features
knowing not itself, nor otherwise,
clinging to its image, made of itself
clinging to its own pretentiousness
clinging to the extensions of a cloud filled day
clinging to trappings of associations

In the intolerance of unfulfilled dreams.
promises that torment the imagination
with a shattered life
splintered like broken glass
into countless reflections of clinging
distorting the sense of wholeness

Clinging to the thoughts,
improvement and prosperity
clinging to worse or better, wrong or right
sweet or bitter, yesterday or tomorrow
presence and absence, opened or unopened
unhelpful or helpful
and the fickle edges of inner movement

It is a strange thing that our potentially noble species
leaves unexamined the harassment of clinging
and the opportunity to live a gracious existence.


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