The Dumbest thing 1

The Dumbest thing is to…..
… to waste your time 😛

This might sound glib, but two people especially friends, relatives, or partners not talking to one another over a mutually perceived slight, is a complete waste of time.

Obviously it follows, that the longer they remain incommunicado and persona non grata, vis- a-vis each other, the more time they must be wasting.

Yet people are capable of speding years. even tens of them, and often close to or including a lifetime, that’s left to them without resuming any form of relationship with the other.
When and if they manage to get away successfully, it;’s because each believes the other is to blame without thinking that it takes two wrongs to make a third.

So, whose time is being wasted?

Clearly, not the rest of the world’s because that has its own demands to deal with

Clearly, not that of one’s immediate folks and kin since they too eventually abdicate any concern they might have initially harboured.

What’s clear, in fact, is such people are just wasting their own time. Not that they have an unlimited time in store!

One way to look at it is to reckon the futility of lost opportunity. Relationships can be rich in the responses they evoke – not just trite stuff about sharing and caring, although those are there too and there’s no getting away from that; but the prerogative of hidden potential which can only translate in to new experiences.

And what are new experiences except chances to augment and improve the quality of life? Solitary confinement works (or doesn’t depending on you’re your point of view) precisely because of this: cut-off from the communication and forced to remain suddenly alone in a universe.

The greater waste of time that happens here however is generally overlooked or not even considered. That’s the time which got used up in the process of establishing the original relationship.

Where alienated offsprings are concerned, it was the time spent growing up together;

For estranged mates, it could be a long love affair; I case of separated friends, a long time consuming development period.

So, a time might come and one might ask, “Why the heck did I waste time to begin with it at all?” In other words, no apology is too late to render, or accept, without a sense of victory or loss.

Well, endings might be beginnings to new events, but what about holding onto already existing relationships? It takes a toll on one’s mental calibre to keep up a relation loving and blossoming and up.

Courtesy – some article I read by some mukul, n me:)


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