Who am I to change your painful perceptions
to calm your waves of sorrow
to dissolve your conventional certitude
into a mosaic of a different order?

What right is there to exude such words?
to blow away the dust in your open eyes?
from where comes the gesture to wipe
the tears hanging limply upon your tired cheeks?

What generates this shared meeting
with you and I in unspoken arrangements
that speak of that, not in time, not tangible?
where does this authority come from?
who shapes this configuration of sounds
we have made together in this meeting
where gentle words fall heavily upon this space.

What are these garments of words that hang in the air?
what makes me think I have much or little to say?
while experiencing this unwoven realm
where existence and non-existence seem irrelevant.

Let us stay together immersed in this moment
where an endless sky meets exposed consciousness,
and drops of rain share our meeting
this unwoven realm
not insubstantial, not words, not silence.



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