Smile Circle

So you’re ready to live your greatest life? Nice job…you’ve found the perfect place.

Welcome to my Smile Circle, the place where you get privileged access to sharing and thinking about bringing happiness to one’s life and to the lives of thy neighbours…..

To begin with – I would like all of you to write down atleast 10 things which make you smile and 5 things which take away the smile from you…..
Did that?

Ok – so now just strike out the lower most 5 things which you think do not actually cause that much sadness….and are basically circumstantial…..

So – you are left with just one thing – and that you can target easily…..

Now, repeat the above with starting 5 things which you can do to bring happiness around you – esp in the situation which caused the “top-most” thing on ur first list…..

So, what did you find?

You would figure out that its trivial things which cause unhappiness… try and tackle that ….and lo – and behold… would have solved your problem, and a SMILE 🙂 is automatically on your face…..


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